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“709 Crackdown” Discussions Blocked on Weibo and WeChat

Key Findings

Beginning in July 2015, over 250 Chinese rights lawyers, law firm staff, activists, and their relatives were detained by public security agents in China. The event was later dubbed the “709 Crackdown” (“709大抓捕”), marking when the first lawyer disappeared on July 9, 2015.

Through a series of tests we found content related to the “709 Crackdown” blocked on Weibo and WeChat

We find evidence of images related to the event filtered on WeChat in both chat and WeChat Moments. This finding is the first documentation of image filtering on the app. Similar to keyword filtering, censorship of images, is only enabled for accounts registered to mainland China phone numbers.


We (Can't) Chat: “709 Crackdown” Discussions Blocked on Weibo and WeChat

Data Overview

List of blocked keywords

List of blocked images

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