Visualizations of Grand Rapids' budget data, and explanations about the budget process.
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Open Budget Grand Rapids

Slack: #project-openbudgetgr

Project Description: We are developing a way to better understand the budget process for the City of Grand Rapids. This is the follow-up to the initial 2016 release of The site is now current with FY2018 data.

Our Open Budget project intends to promotes a deeper understanding of the city budget, so that citizens, officials, and other stakeholders can engage in more informed dialogue about how the City of Grand Rapids currently works and how it should in the future.

The Open Budget website is built using Node.js. During development the project is run locally on a computer. After acquiring and formatting the budget data properly you publish the website using Harp to compile the static files necessary for a Github posted website.

Project Guide: @allen

Maintainers (people with write access):


City of Grand Rapids, MI Data Portal

Getting started:

  • Browse our help wanted issues. See if there is anything that interests you.
  • Core maintainers and project guides are responsible for reviewing and merging all pull requests. In order to prevent frustrations with your first PR we recommend you reach out to our core maintainers who can help you through your first PR.
  • Updates to documentation or readme are greatly appreciated and make for a great first PR. They do not need to be discussed in advance and will be merged as soon as possible.


  • Documentation
  • Data collection
  • Data visualization
  • Civic Engagement
  • Design
  • Javascript
  • Jade
  • Sass
  • Bootstrap
  • React