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Citizen Labs Website Redesign

Slack: #cl-website

Project Description: Citizen Labs website.

We are using Hugo, an open source static site generator written in Go. Hugo is a general-purpose website framework. Hugo provides improved performance, security and ease of use.

Updates to the beta site will take place after significant development changes.

Ongoing Development:

To address issues and functionality that have come up over time regarding the current website we have begun development on the fresh-design branch.

More background on how Hugo works and how to make changes to website.

Project Guides:

Maintainers (people with write access):

Up and Running:

  • Hey thanks for stopping by, first you will need to install the Hugo CLI. If you are using MacOS you can use: brew install hugo
  • Next clone in the repo locally: git clone
  • cd into the directory.
  • Fetch the theme submodule: git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Running hugo will compile the site into a web ready viewable format.
  • For local dev run hugo server to have live reload while working on it.
  • By default we have it running on http://localhost:1313/ copy this into your browser URL to see all the amazing changes you make.

Nice you rockstar! You've got it all set up.


  • Production build for our website is being done by Travis.
  • After change, create Pull Request instead of building site locally and uploading.
  • Once Pull Request is committed Travis will create the build and update website.

Data: n/a

Getting started:

  • We welcome contributions from first timers.
  • Browse our help wanted issues. See if there is anything that interests you.
  • Core maintainers and project guides are responsible for reviewing and merging all pull requests. In order to prevent frustrations with your first PR we recommend you reach out to our core maintainers who can help you through your first PR.
  • Updates to documentation or README are greatly appreciated and make for a great first PR. They do not need to be discussed in advance and will be merged as soon as possible.


  • content design
  • design
  • outreach/storytelling
  • dev/ops
  • policy & engagement
  • strategy
  • user experience/interaction
  • Hugo framework
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