A set of macros for ReSharper to make BDDing a bit easier
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ReSharper BDD Live Template Macros

I wanted to create a live template with a macro like the following:

public void function Then_$step_name_function$(){

Unfortunately, there was no way to create a method name from another variable. Creating �macros turns out to be pretty easy.


Simply run rake deploy from the command line...after installing rake ofcourse.

Import the live templates.


Type given and press <Tab> and you should see the template expand and update while you type the step.


  1. account for (.*) and (\d+) in the step and add arguments to the function
  2. offer the Function_name_with_underscore and also FunctionNameWithProperCase option

Growl Unit

NOTE This is probably total junk and can be completely rewritten. It works though. Dump it in the nunit addins folder.

I've been using the NUnit GUI to run my specs. What I like about the NUnit GUI is it has a setting to rerun the last set of tests after they are rebuilt. It works similar to Autotest. What was missing was a growl display when the tests fail or pass.

There is another project that I found that already does this, but for some reason, it wasn't working for me. After looking into it, it was pretty easy to write a plugin so I started another one file assembly.

This should probably move outside of the AgentBDD project, but they are closely related in my mind, and both are so tiny, I'll keep them together for now.

To Do

This is still very rough and isn't working at all. The following still needs to be started.

  1. Format the messages for success and failures. Follow the autotest message formats.
  2. Create success and failure notification types with appropriate icons.
  3. Make sure the failure appears after the first failure.
  4. Allow the user to create custom message and use custom icons
  5. See if this can run from something besides the GUI (e.g. build scripts or R# runner)