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Example LivingSocial Email

The following email is an example of a email with a relatively high number of embedded third-party resources. In total the email contains resources from 29 third-party domains across 24 third-party organizations.

Image of rendered email

[Download HTML]

Summary of third parties:

  • Parties receiving an MD5 hash of the user’s email address: With the exception of emailretargeting.com and agkn.com all of these domains also set or receive cookies.
    • American List Counsel (alcmpn.com)
    • LiveIntent (liadm.com)
    • Datalogix (nexac.com)
    • Acxiom (rlcdn.com, pippio.com, acxiom-online.com)
    • Criteo (criteo.com, emailretargeting.com)
    • Conversant Media (dotomi.com)
    • V12 Data (v12group.com)
    • VideoAmp (videoamp.com)
    • Neustar (agkn.com)
    • alocdn.com.
  • Additional parties setting or receiving cookies:
    • MediaMath (mathtag.com)
    • TapAd (tapad.com)
    • IPONWEB (bidswitch.net)
    • AOL (advertising.com)
    • Centro (sitescout.com)
    • The Trade Desk (adsrvr.org)
    • Adobe (demdex.net)
    • OpenX (openx.net)
    • comScore (scorecardresearch.com, voicefive.com)
    • Oracle (bluekai.com)
    • Google (doubleclick.net)
    • Realtime Targeting Aps (mojn.com).
  • Third-party domains requested without cookies or email hash:
    • LiveIntent (licasd.com)
    • Google (2mdn.net)
    • Akamai (akamai.net)