Building for macOS

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It's recommended that you use homebrew to install dependencies. You'll need to download and install the following to build Citra:

  • pkg-config (brew install pkgconfig)
  • SDL2 (brew install sdl2, or download this dmg)
  • Qt5 (brew install qt5) (Note: If you have Qt4 installed, then you will need to remove it before building. brew unlink qt4)
  • CMake (brew install cmake)
  • A recent version of Xcode and the Xcode command line tools

Cloning Citra in Git:

git clone --recursive
cd citra

Using CMake:

First of all, you have to tell CMake where your Qt5 is installed (add this line to ~/.profile if you want to make this permanent.):

export Qt5_DIR=$(brew --prefix)/opt/qt5

Now you can generate project files for the build:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -GXcode

Optionally, you can use cmake -i .. -GXcode or ccmake .. -GXcode to adjust various options (e.g. disable Qt GUI).

Building with debug symbols:

cmake .. -GXcode -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug

Building Citra:

Open the project file in Xcode, switch the target from ALL_BUILD to citra or citra_qt, and press the play button. The project can also be built via:

xcodebuild -config Release -project citra.xcodeproj -target citra-qt