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Citrix Ingress Controller for kubernetes:

Citrix Ingress Controller is available in two flavours.

Citrix Ingress Controller:

This runs as a POD that monitors the Kubernetes API server and configure NetScaler VPX and MPX.

YAML to be used: citrix-k8s-ingress-controller.yaml

CPX with inbuilt Ingress Controller:

CPX with a builtin Citrix Ingress Controller agent that configures the CPX. CPX runs as pod and does N-S load balancing.

YAML to be used: citrix-k8s-cpx-ingress.yaml

Install CPX with inbuilt Ingress Controller on Kubernetes:

  1. Apply the following command which pulls citrix cpx ingress controller and deploy it.
        kubectl apply -f

Install Citrix Ingress Controller on Kubernetes:

  1. Download the "citrix-k8s-ingress-controller.yaml" from the deployment Directory.


    This yaml has four section, in which first three is for cluster role creation and service account creation and the next one is for citrix ingress controller pod creation.

    • Cluster roles
    • Cluster role bindings
    • Service account
    • Citrix Ingress Controller pod creation

    First three are required for citrix ingress controller to monitor k8s events. No changes required. Next section defines environment variables required for Citrix Ingress Controller to configure the NetScaler.

  2. Update the following env variables, for Citrix Ingress Controller bringup.

    1. "Mandatory" Arguments:


      This is must for Citrix Ingress Controller to configure the NetScaler appliance. Provide,

         NSIP for standalone NetScaler  
         SNIP for HA (Management access has to be enabled) 
         CLIP for Cluster

      This is for authenticating with NetScaler if it has non default username and password. We can directly pass username/password or use Kubernetes secrets. Please refer our guide for configuring a non default NetScaler username and password.

      Given Yaml uses k8s secrets. Following steps helps to create secrets to be used in yaml.

      Create secrets on Kubernetes for NS_USER and NS_PASSWORD Kubernetes secrets can be created by using 'kubectl create secret'.

            kubectl create secret  generic nslogin --from-literal=username='nsroot' --from-literal=password='nsroot'

      Note: If you are using different secret name rather than nslogin, you have to update the "name" field in the yaml.


      This is end user license agreement which has to be YES for Citrix Ingress Controller to up and run.

    2. "Optional" Arguments:


      This is an optional field for Citrix Ingress Controller to register for events. If user did not specify it explictly, citrix ingress controller use internal KubeAPIServer IP.


      This is used for controlling the logs generated from Citrix Ingress Controller. Following options are available. By default log level is DEBUG.

      • CRITICAL
      • ERROR
      • WARNING
      • INFO
      • DEBUG

      These enviornment variables defines protocol and port used by Citrix Ingress Controller to communicate with NetScaler.

      By default NS_PROTOCOL is https and NS_PORT is 443. Other option is to use HTTP and port 80.

      Ingress Class

      Ingress class is used when multiple Ingress Loadbalancers are used to load balance different ingress resources.

      Citrix Ingress Controller will configure NetScaler only with the ingress classes listed under --ingress-classes

                     - --ingress-classes

      Ingress resources should have the same class mentioned:


      Citrix Ingress Controller will use the IP provided in this environment variable to configure a Vitual IP in the Tier-1 ADC which would recieve the application traffic from external world.

      This is useful in the case where all Ingress runs in the Virtual IP. This takes precedence over the frontend-ip annotation.


      - name: "NS_VIP"       
        value: "<Virtual IP address of Citrix ADC>"
  3. Create using kubectl command.

    Create Citrix Ingress Controller on kubernetes by using 'kubectl create' command

        kubectl create -f citrix-k8s-ingress-controller.yaml

    This pulls the latest image and brings up the Citrix Ingress Controller.

    Official Citrix Ingress Controller docker images is

  4. Reachability to the Pod Network:

    For seamless functioning of services deployed in the Kubernetes cluster, it is essential that Ingress NetScaler device should be able to reach the underlying overlay network over which Pods are running. feature-node-watch knob of Citrix Ingress Controller can be used for automatic route configuration on NetScaler towards the pod network. Refer Network Configuration for further details regarding the same. By default, feature-node-watch is false. It needs to be explicitly set to true if auto route configuration is required.