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Raspberry Pi Software for the SuperTech-IT 8x8x8 RGB LED Cube

Quick Start

Install the custom Raspian image

Download the modified Raspbian image and write it to an SD card.

(The INSTALLATION file contains instructions for building this image by hand if you prefer)

Update the picube software to the latest version

Once booted, log in as the pi user (the password is 'raspberry') and update the piCube software:

pi@picube:~ $ cd picube
pi@picube:~/picube$ git pull
pi@picube:~/picube$ make distclean install

Connect the cube to the Pi


Run the included paneltest program

pi@picube:~/picube$ cube examples/paneltest 5

In this example, panel 5 is tested.

Start the interactive shell and play

pi@picube:~$ cube
Welcome to cube shell (Jim 0.77).
. cube.colour violet
. cube.fill
. cube.clear
. cube.text -twosides Hello
. cube.anim cosine 20
. help
. help cube.colour
. loop p 0 8 { cube.clear; cube.panel $p; delay 500 }

The shell is an embedded Jim Tcl interpreter which can be used to write programs to control the cube. There are also a number of built-in animations which have been ported from Doug Domke's Cube Application Template

Run some example animation scripts

pi@picube:~/picube$ cube examples/rain
pi@picube:~/picube$ cube examples/cyclone
pi@picube:~/picube$ cube examples/grower

This is the Super Big Show from Doug Domke's Cube Application Template

pi@picube:~/picube$ cube examples/Super_Big_Show