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CLIpp: A Simple C++ CLI

CLIpp is a header-only library for creating simple command-line shell interfaces, useful for simple applications and testing.

All you need to do to get started is download and include the clipp.hpp header, instantiate a Shell object, and call Run() on it!

#include "clipp.hpp"

int main()
  using namespace CLIpp;
  auto s = Shell();
  // Add custom functions here with
  // s.AddFunction();


Built-In Shell Functions

A Shell has a handful of built-in functions as soon as it is instantiated:

  • exit, q, quit: Exits the shell
  • help, ?: Displays help text for functions that have it defined.

Adding Custom Functions

Of course, a Shell is only as useful as the functions it can execute! You can use AddFunction() to add any function to the shell, so long as the function has the following method signature:

void ShellFunction(Shell* s, int argc, string args[])

Once you've defined the function you wish to add to the Shell, add it by calling AddFunction(), which takes two paremeters, plus a third optional parameter:

AddFunction(string name, funcdel function, string helptext="")
  • name: The name of the function, which is what the user will type into the shell to call it.
  • function: The name of the function itself, as you have defined it (do not include the parentheses)
  • helptext: The text that will display for this function when the help command is used. Optional.

Here's a quick Hello World Example:

#include "clipp.hpp"
#include <iostream>

void HelloWorld(Shell* s, int argc, std::string args[])
  std::cout << "Hello World!" << std::endl;

int main()
  using namespace CLIpp;
  auto s = Shell();



Running this program and typing helloworld into the shell would print Hello World! to the console.

Customizing the Shell

Several aspects of the shell's appearance can be customized:

  • SetSalutation(): Sets the greeting text when the shell is opened.
  • SetFarewell(): Sets the farewell text when the shell is closed with exit, q, or quit.
  • SetPrefix(): Sets the prompt prefix string that appears before the user's input text.


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