My dotfiles, just like I like 'em.
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My dotfiles, just like I like 'em.

I install them like this

First, I clone the repo into my home folder:

cd ~/
git clone git://

Then I backup the old config:

mv .bash_login bash_login.bak

Next, I create a new file with vi .bash_login and paste this stuff:

# ----------------------
# Load dotfiles

source .dotfiles/.bash_login

Then I keep editing with some of my own stuff... Stuff that might not apply to you:

# ----------------------
# Shortcuts

# projects
alias gems="cd ~/projects/gems; ls"
alias sins="cd ~/projects/sinatra; ls"
alias ror2="cd ~/projects/rails2; ls"
alias ror3="cd ~/projects/rails3; ls"

# servers
alias citrumac="ssh -p xxxx citrus@xx.xx.xx.xx"
alias citrudev="ssh -p xxxx citrus@xx.xx.xx.xx"

... you get the idea

I setup my mysql variables so I can use dblist and dbdump my_database without being prompted for my password.

MYSQL_HOST="localhost" # default
MYSQL_USER="citrus" # default is 'root'
MYSQL_PASS="my-password" # default is blank

When I've updated my dotfiles and want to update on another machine, I just run:



Copyright (c) 2011 Spencer Steffen, released under the New BSD License All rights reserved.