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Want beautiful copyright-protected browser-compatible custom-smoothed & kerned fonts? MagickTitle delivers just that by using imagemagick to generate titles based on the options you provide.

Want your titles to be automagically created for your Rails apps' models? Check out has_magick_title.


MagickTitle is framework agnostic but requires imagemagick built with freetype.


As usual, just use the gem install command:

(sudo) gem install magick_title

Or add magick_title as a gem in your Gemfile:

gem 'magick_title', '>= 0.2.0' 

Then run bundle install


Using MagickTitle is easy. In it's simplest form, it can be used like so:


This will create an image of the word "Hello" with all of the default options. These options can be set globally or on the fly.

Customize your global title styles by setting MagickTitle's default options while loading your app. If your using rails, it's best to do this in config/initializers/magick_title.rb.

# Here's the defaults

:root => "./",
:font => "PermanentMarker.ttf",
:font_path =>{ File.join MagickTitle.root, "fonts" },
:font_size => 50,
:destination =>{ File.join MagickTitle.root, "public/system/titles" },
:extension => "png",
:text_transform => nil,
:width => 800,
:height => nil,
:background_color => '#ffffff',
:background_alpha => '00',
:color => '#68962c',
:weight => 400,
:kerning => 0,
:line_height => 0,
:command_path => nil,
:log_command => false,
:cache => true,
:to_html => {
  :parent => {
    :tag   => "h1",
    :class => "image-title"
  :class => "magick-title"

Set as few or as many options as you'd like. Your custom options will get merged into the defaults... You can also set individual options like this:

MagickTitle.options[:font] = 'Lobster.ttf'

Once you've set your options to your liking, just create a title like so:


#=> <h1 class="image-title"><img class="magick-title" alt="Hello!" src="/system/titles/hello_8e05f22657a3573d8fc6fa8115fecfc0812d82be.png"/></h1>

Place the image title in a div rather than an h1:


#=> <div><img class="magick-title" alt="Hello!" src="/system/titles/hello_f76179c852bb2fa264b8ad2c0c9ceeb9f99dfc0b.png"/></div>

Or without the h1 tag:


#=> <img class="magick-title" alt="Hello!" src="/system/titles/hello_f76179c852bb2fa264b8ad2c0c9ceeb9f99dfc0b.png"/>

To just get an instance of MagickTitle::Image:

title = MagickTitle.say("Hello!")

puts title.filename #=> "hello.png"
puts title.url #=> "/system/titles/hello.png"

Or set some options on the fly:

MagickTitle.say("Hello!", :font_size => 24, :color => '#ff0000').to_html

#=> <h1 class="image-title"><img class="magick-title" alt="Hello!" src="/system/titles/hello_080fb04470589c55cd0e22c3229d2006baa05f7d.png"/></h1>

Note how the token is different than the previous 'Hello!' titles since we've set custom options.

The html helper can also be customized:

MagickTitle.say("Hello!").to_html(:class => "custom-title", :parent => { :tag => "h3", :id => "maaaagick" })

#=> <h3 id="maaaagick"><img class="custom-title" alt="Hello!" src="/system/titles/hello_f76179c852bb2fa264b8ad2c0c9ceeb9f99dfc0b.png"/></h3>

Combine no-parent with custom attributes:

MagickTitle.say("Hello!").to_html(:class => "custom-title", :parent => nil)
#=> <img class="custom-title" alt="Hello!" src="/system/titles/hello_f76179c852bb2fa264b8ad2c0c9ceeb9f99dfc0b.png"/>

To make sure all titles are the same height:

MagickTitle.say("HELLO!", :height => 50).to_html
MagickTitle.say("lowercase j's!", :height => 50).to_html

New in version 0.1.8 are styles. Store styles in your initializer using the slick new DSL: :h1 do
  font_size   50
  line_height -10
end :sidebar do
  font      "Lobster.ttf"
  font_size 30
  color     "#cc0000"
  to_html   :parent => { :tag => "h2" }

Now in your views just:

MagickTitle.say("Hello!", :h1).to_html 
MagickTitle.say("World.", :sidebar).to_html   

More to come!

To Do

  • Smart option validation (:color => 'fff' converts to :color => '#fff' and :color => 'pink' fails)
  • More documentation
  • Heroku support / tempfiles / base64
  • Clean up and publish demo app (/test/dummy)
  • Write more tests


Copyright (c) 2011 Spencer Steffen, released under the New BSD License All rights reserved.