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A Sinatra App to create static websites

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Quick Site

** ---- Work in progress! ---- **

Quick Site is a light-weight Sinatra app designed to make creating & deploying static websites a breeze. Quick Site was inspired by StaticMatic, Nesta and mostly just the idea of being able to use modern tools like HAML & Less to create simple static sites.

To use quick site:

cd quick_site
bundle install

Edit config/development.yml to your liking.

Boot with your server of choice:

thin start -p 4567
# or
unicorn -p 4567
# or just
ruby app.rb

Open http://localhost:4567 in your favorite browser and enter the name of your new site. After it's created, navigate to http://localhost:4567/sites/your_site/your/new/page to automatically create additional pages. Edit your pages to your liking using haml. <3

Currently in progress: Once you're happy with your site, visit http://localhost:4567/sites/your_site/_deploy to upload your changes to your server.

If you'd like to restart the app on each request: (for development)

shotgun -p 4567 $PWD/app.rb

For some reason the public folder can't be swapped when using shotgun...


RDoc's can be generated by running the rake rdoc command:

git clone git://
cd quick_site
rake rdoc

Now open rdoc/index.html in your browser...


Shouda tests can be run with:

git clone git://
cd quick_site

To Do

  • Refactor deploy code..
  • Improve styles and views
  • Add more fields to new site form (email?/server config?)
  • Add image_tag helper
  • Add Less/SCSS support
  • Switch to a more clever name?


Quick Site was built on a Mac with Ruby 1.9 in mind. 1.8.x compatibility has not been tested.


Copyright (c) 2011 Spencer Steffen, released under the New BSD License All rights reserved.

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