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This extension provides a "Print Invoice" button on the Admin Orders view screen which generates a PDF of the order details.

Upon reflection

Having done this I spent too much time to get it working. Part of that was tools on the move and my own learning, but there is also a flaw in the approach of the actual pdf generation. The generation is driven by code, which is a mistake. Pdf's are designed documents and should be created by a designer, not a coder. So the tool is wrong. Also this template code is really difficult to debug.

So I would suggest to create a simple html page without the admin layout in admin/order. Create a link to it and let your designer work with tools he knows. You can then create pdf on the client, and if you can't try PdfKit, which does the html->pdf conversion on the server.

I may get around to this, or if you do it, let me know. Whichever way, you have been warned.


  1. The gem relies only on the prawn gem, to install you need to add the following lines to your Gemfile

    gem 'spree_print_invoice' , :git => 'git://'

  2. run bundler

    bundle install

  3. Enjoy!


  1. Set the logo path preference to include your store / company logo.

    Spree::Config.set(:print_invoice_logo_path => "/path/to/public/images/company-logo.png")

  2. Add your own own footer texts to the locale. The current footer works with :footer_left , :footer_left2 and :footer_right, :footer_right2 where the 1 version is on the left in bold, and the 2 version the "value" on the right.

  3. Override any of the includes templates. they are address, footer, totals, header, bye , and the line_items. In bye the text :thanks is printed, and there is a hook :extra_note.

  4. Set :suppress_anonymous_address option to get blank addresses for anonymous email addresses (as created by my spree_last_address extension for empty/unknown user info)

  5. Enable packaging slips, by setting

Spree::Config.set(:print_buttons => "invoice,packaging_slip" #comma separated list

Use above feature for your own template if you want. For each button_name, define a subsection with header, print, and thanks, in your locale.


Unfortunately Romans nice missing_method approach, and the prawn own way, of having the pdf document implicit didn't work. So it's @pdf all over the place.

Now using erb templates, if you change, you must get the output right!

The good news is, it now works on PCs.


Next receipts and then product related stuff with barcodes.

Contributions welcome