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Do the sandboxing pattern that best works with Ohm 1.0.

Because of the way connection handling works in ohm 1.0,
it's best to specify a different value for REDIS_URL
even before loading the application environment.
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1 parent e13d1ce commit 57e41f3a8f5fb3f83ec3f5c27a3d38ef7498e8c1 @cyx cyx committed Mar 29, 2012
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4 test/helper.rb
@@ -1,3 +1,7 @@
+# In order to sandbox the test and dev env, we declare a
+# different value for REDIS_URL when doing tests.
+ENV["REDIS_URL"] ||= "redis://localhost:6379/13"
require File.expand_path("../app", File.dirname(__FILE__))
require "cuba/test"
require "malone/test"

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