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# Scramble python opcodes table to avoid byte-code to python decompilation
import os
import re
import random
import argparse
OPCODE_H = 'Include/opcode.h'
OPCODE_RE = re.compile(
def fix_offests(opcodes, ignore_names, value, offs):
if not isinstance(ignore_names, (list, tuple)):
ignore_names = [ignore_names]
new_opcodes = {}
for key, val in opcodes.items():
if key not in ignore_names and val >= value:
val += offs
new_opcodes[key] = val
return new_opcodes
def slice_opcodes(opcodes):
for name in ['SLICE', 'STORE_SLICE', 'DELETE_SLICE']:
if name in opcodes:
opcodes = fix_offests(opcodes, name, opcodes[name], 4)
return opcodes
def call_function_opcodes(opcodes):
if 'CALL_FUNCTION' in opcodes:
opcodes['CALL_FUNCTION_VAR'] = opcodes['CALL_FUNCTION'] + 9
opcodes['CALL_FUNCTION_KW'] = opcodes['CALL_FUNCTION_VAR'] + 1
opcodes['CALL_FUNCTION_VAR_KW'] = opcodes['CALL_FUNCTION_VAR'] + 2
opcodes = fix_offests(opcodes, [
], opcodes['CALL_FUNCTION_VAR'], 3)
return opcodes
def is_opcode(line):
return OPCODE_RE.match(line)
def fix_opcodes_offsets(opcodes):
opcodes = slice_opcodes(opcodes)
opcodes = call_function_opcodes(opcodes)
return opcodes
def opcode(line):
match = is_opcode(line)
if match:
return ('name'),
def scramble_subset(opcodes):
names = [name for name, code, extra in opcodes]
opcodes = [code for name, code, extra in opcodes]
return dict(zip(names, opcodes))
def scramble_opcodes(src):
path = os.path.join(src, OPCODE_H)
lines = []
dont_have_arg = []
have_arg = []
with open(path, 'r') as file:
file_lines = file.readlines()
opcodes = filter(None, map(opcode, file_lines))
have = False
for name, code, extra in opcodes:
if name == 'HAVE_ARGUMENT':
have = True
opcodes_set = have_arg if have else dont_have_arg
opcodes_set.append((name, code, extra))
dont_have_arg = scramble_subset(dont_have_arg)
have_arg = scramble_subset(have_arg)
have_arg['HAVE_ARGUMENT'] = min(have_arg.values())
opcodes = dict(dont_have_arg)
opcodes = fix_opcodes_offsets(opcodes)
for line in file_lines:
match = is_opcode(line)
if match:
name ='name')
line = '#define {0} {1}{2}\n'.format(name, opcodes[name],'extra'))
with open(path, 'w') as file:
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Scramble python opcodes table')
parser.add_argument('--python-source', dest='src', type=str,
help='Python source code', required=True)
if __name__ == '__main__':
args = parser.parse_args()