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Bridging Spotify and OS X Notification Center
Swift Objective-C Ruby
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Spotify Notifications

Note: The project is currently being rewritten from scratch in Swift. Development is taking place on the master branch. To build the 0.5.1 (Objective-C) release, checkout the 0.5.X branch.

0.5.1 Feature Parity

  • Toggle notification sound
  • Toggle notifications on resume
  • Toggle dismissal of all notifications except the current one
  • Implement a menu bar interface
  • Toggle the menu bar icon
  • Toggle launch on login functionality
  • Toggle inclusion of album artwork
  • Toggle global shortcut
  • Toggle disabling of notifications when Spotify has focus


Spotify Notifications uses CocoaPods which in turn requires Ruby and Ruby Gems.

$ git clone
$ cd Spotify-Notifications
$ git submodule foreach git pull
$ pod install
$ open Spotify Notifications.xcworkspace


Pull requests are more than welcome!

In your pull request, include a separate commit adding yourself to


The source code is dedicated to the public domain. See the UNLICENSE file for more information.

The Spotify artwork and icon is owned by Spotify AB Inc.

Spotify Notifications makes use of the following libraries

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