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Latest commit bba9f30 Jan 25, 2015 @city41 Crafty: upgrade from 0.5.3 to 0.6.3
needed changes:
-- loading assets changed from an array of files to an object.
-- css() no longer affects font size, instead used textFont({size: '30px'})
-- time units switched from frames to milliseconds
-- animate() used to both define and run animations, now it only runs them. reel() instead defines them
-- able to use Crafty in mobile mode for phones now

tested on: Chrome 40, Firefox 37, Safari 8, Mobile Safari (iOS 8, iPhone 5s), and Mobile IE (Windows Phone 8, Nokia Lumia)
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javascripts Crafty: upgrade from 0.5.3 to 0.6.3 Jan 25, 2015
media (issue #2) -- moving to prerendered backgrounds Jan 6, 2013 added Impact and Crafty implementations Dec 9, 2012

Breakouts -- CraftyJS

This implementation is using CraftyJS and is DOM based. As of this writing it's not done, but pretty close.

Canvas version?

So far I am undecided whether to add a separate canvas version using CraftyJS in canvas mode, or make this one togglable between the two. Most likely going to go with a separate implementation to keep things simple