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Breakout game implemented trought Phaser

I made it specially for this project:

You can play it here:


I've made some gameplay changes compared to the other engine ports/versions and they are more like bonus features.

If you press: "B" you will toggle mouse/keyboard control If you press: "S" you will toggle a "shake" effect If you press: "V" you will spawn a ball (there is no collision check till the countdown ends so don't freak out if the ball pop out of the game bounds.

Other things it that you can save a ball if hit it with the vertical side of the paddle but only if it hit the top half - I call it "action save" or "phew just in time save" :P Also when multiple balls are in game they collide with each other.

This game is build with:

Phaser 1.1.3 Phaser is a fast, free and fun open source game framework for making desktop and mobile browser HTML5 games. It uses Pixi.js internally for fast 2D Canvas and WebGL rendering. By Richard Davey, Photon Storm

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