An animation system for JavaScript game engines
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Plunder Build Status Stories in Ready

Plunder's website

A tween based animation system for JavaScript game engines.

Plunder is a powerful, expressive animation system that can help fill in the gaps on smaller game engines such as ImpactJS. I'd love to see Plunder become so compelling that even people using more complete engines like Lime want to use it.

Early Stuff So Far

Plunder is coming along nicely but still needs a bit of love before it's really usable.

See Plunder in action

Check out the website for live examples.

Build Plunder and play with it via the sandbox

Here's what you need to do

  1. clone this repo to your box
  2. npm install
  3. run grunt server:sandbox to play with the sandbox

sandbox/ is a truly minimal infrastructure to make Plunder possible. Just a canvas and one entity that Plunder is manipulating. There are a few canned animation sequences defined in the entity. You can uncomment the one you want to see run

# entity.standard()
# entity.bezier()

and those methods, standard(), bezier(), and nestedTween are decent intros to how Plunder works.


Plunder is actually pretty well documented, with much more to come. See the docs here

Really good docs are one thing I am really shooting for with Plunder.

Contributing to Plunder

If you want to contribute then thank you, it's much appreciated!

Please fork the repo and send pull requests. Make sure to take advantage of the grunt tasks:

  • grunt -- default task, runs the tests then builds Plunder
  • grunt spec -- runs the tests
  • grunt build:sandbox -- builds the sandbox
  • grunt server:sandbox -- starts a server on localhost:9000 with the sandbox served from there, then opens a browser to it

Plunder's Website

The website for Plunder now has its own repo, as it's gotten pretty involved. Check it out at

The gh-pages branch here is now deprecated.

Games Using Plunder

Dragon Plunder -- this is the game Plunder was extracted from, hence the name.

Legacy Tech Removal - Bower -> NPM

Plunder used to be a Bower package, it is now only an NPM package. Browserify is the prefered way to pull it into a website.

Eventually want to also remove all CoffeeScript (use ES6 and Traceur instead) and switch Grunt over to Gulp. These will be tackled at some point.