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chdudek commented Dec 25, 2016

I downloaded the app bundle and started it once without problems.
Now I can't open it anymore, I just get a process running at almost 100%. Starting the binary inside the package using the terminal gives no output.

Running from source works fine, self compiled binary works fine as well!

OS: macOS Sierra 10.12.2

garddun commented Dec 25, 2016

I have the same problem. Louched it ones, and now it dosent work anymore. What to do?


Same behaviour here.
Deleted the applications saved data however makes it start again :

rm -r "/Users/<username>/Library/Saved Application State/co.aeplay.citybound.savedState/"
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chances commented Dec 25, 2016

For easier copy-pasta:

rm -r "/Users/$USER/Library/Saved Application State/co.aeplay.citybound.savedState/"

I'm new to .app bundling, anyone have an idea what could cause this? I don't know why it creates saved state...

@chances chances referenced this issue Dec 29, 2016

MacOS no window #66


This is such a tough nut, so when Citybound is quit abnormally (force quit, logout, ...) it saves its window state into Saved Application State/co.aeplay.citybound.savedState/, as Cocoa apps apparently do by default, but then (this is my guess) when you launch it again, it can't deal with this restore information.

The problem is that all the cocoa code is hidden deep in the glutin dependency, so I can't just mark the window which is created as non-restorable that easily.

Doing more research...

aeickhoff commented Jan 9, 2017 edited

@chdudek @chances @mhabegger Could you please try if the same still happens with this bundle:

chances commented Jan 10, 2017

@aeickhoff Issue seems resolved on my end.


Thank you!

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