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Frequently Asked Questions

Platforms & Usage

Which platforms will Citybound be available on?

It will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Gameplay & UI

What zoning types will be available in Citybound?

Citybound will include agriculture, residential, commercial and industrial zones.

Will Citybound have mixed-use/even more detailed zoning?

Yes. It will come with at least residential/commercial mixed zoning.

Many of the tools seem to be based on free-form drawing, how can I make things straight?

All tools will offer snapping to parallels, 45deg and 90deg angles of existing construction or guidelines that you can create.

Will there be detailed road configuration? Will there be bike/bus/green lanes?

Yes. You'll be able to fully customize a road's lane configuration, special lane types will be a part of that. You will also be able to change intersection types.

Will there be terraforming?


How detailed will the simulation be? How much of the data will be visible?

The needs, resources and vehicular travel of individual citizens, businesses, farms and factories will be simulated. Most of it will be visible to the player, either through direct inspection or city-wide graphs, data maps and tables.


What will Citybounds graphical style be?

Citybound will have a minimalistic, mostly flat-shaded, yet highly-detailed aesthetic. The style of Mirror's Edge is a good comparison.

What will buildings look like? Can you customize them?

All buildings in Citybound will be procedurally generated according to their surroundings and a set of rules, resulting in organically varying, unique cityscapes. Modders will be able to create new procedural rule-sets.

Will Citybound have 3D terrain?

Yes. Citybound will have procedurally generated heightmap-based 3D terrain.

Will Citybound have a day/night or seasonal cycle?

Yes. Citybound will have both a day/night and a seasonal cycle.

Will Citybound have colorblind support?

Yes. Important colors have already been chosen to be discernable to colorblind people and additional options will be added.

Distribution, Funding & Sales

Will there be a Kickstarter campaign for Citybound?

No. Instead I will go for continuous funding through Patreon, since that provides me with a much more predictable, long-term income.

When Citybound is going to be released?

When it makes sense.

DRM, Modding & Legal

Will Citybound employ DRM?

No. It will be completely DRM free. I embrace the fact that you can't prevent piracy without hurting your honest customers.

Will you be able to record Citybound footage and monetize that?

Yes. I will allow everyone to create videos based on any Citybound footage and monetize these with ads or otherwise.