Extracting Entitlements from PDFs sent by LA City Early Notification System
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###Click here for working map

Extracting Entitlements from PDFs sent by the LA City Early Notification System. Method using Excel Macros to CSV for geocoding, (Still learning python)

Compiling all the entitlement permits from 2003 to 2015 as raw data for data analysis and visualization

The PDFs contain the following categories:

  • Application Date
  • Case Number
  • Address
  • Council District
  • Community Plan Area
  • Project Description
  • Request Type
  • Applicant Contact

From these sources:

  • Los Angeles, CA (planning.lacity.org)
  • Data collected for 2015 (From 1/2015 to 10/2015) in CSV and Excel format can be downloaded in the folder marked Data
  • Note: Use of this data is for informational purposes. The condition of the data is still being evaluated for its accuracy, reliability and errors. Please attribute work to Omar Ureta.

#Open Source Mapping Tools Used This map is developed using open source web tools like:

  • QGIS | Open Source Geographic Information System
  • Mapbox Studio| Load and upload spatial data to mapbox servers
  • mapboxGL.js | Web framework to create a responsive map
  • tilehut server | A place to host spatial data converted to mbtiles for use by mapboxgl

#Explorations Outcomes for this project

  • Learn how to use mapboxgl and its features utilizing a cloud-based tileserver and tiles served by Mapbox.
  • Study the entitlement process in land use development at the City of Los Angeles.
  • Develop and test various visualizations of how best to convey development in the city.
  • Turn this into a tutorial for those interested in making their own maps on their own, with the amazing group called Maptime! and LA's very own chapter maptimeLA!

#Known Issues

  • Many developments submit multiple requests for entitlements. The geocoded addresses resulted in overlapping markers of request types for the same development.
  • The colors are referencing entitlement requests from the "Request Type" field. This field is a generalized description and may not reflect all the requests a project is asking. For example a project's request type in the data may show a Zone Change, but the case number shows that it is also requesting a General Plan Amendment or Categorical Exemption.


  • Entitlement | Approval from a regulatory body to use or develop land ("Land Use, Zoning & Entitlement In Real Estate", Ploutus Advisors, LINK