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Homeowner's Loan Corporation Map of Los Angeles causing redlining and disinvestment in urban areas during the 1930s
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Investigative map for exploring racial inequality through land use in Los Angeles

##About This is an investigative map that will continuously change as questions are explored into Los Angeles's development as a city. This is a personal project but perhaps a "citizen social science" project as this along with the code and sources are shared here on github.

##Current Map This map overlays the following layers

  • Homeowner's Loan Corporation (HOLC) Residential Security Map of Los Angeles, published in the 1930's
  • Racial Dot Map of the 2010 US Census.
  • Additional layers will be added to aid in asking questions

##Questions of Inquiry

  • Mapping Redlining: According to a paper published in 2003 by Amy E. Hillier, research associate at the Cartographic Modeling Laboratory, argued that Urban Researchers have relied on the HOLC maps as the single explanation in the loss of capital in urban neighborhoods across the country. "Maps with red lines are not adequate proof of redlining"(Hillier 415).She proposes future research through the records of municipal agencies and real estate records.
  • Racial Covenants: While language in the covenants exist in the deeds, access to the records is limited. Can the locations of racial convenants be determined by census demographic data, current building data(those built between 1917-1948) cross analyzed with maps from the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps produce results that may paint a picture of which properties had these covenants?
  • Develop a method for analysis
  • Steps to include raster analysis of digitized maps.

##Data and maps

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