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LACITY Exploration 14 | Mapping LADBS Code Enforcement Cases

##Background The Department of Building and Safety for the City of Los Angeles publishes data on cases related to Code Enforcement on building, electrical, mechanical and zoning regulations. According to the data description, a case may originate from a customer service request to investigate a possible Code violation, from a planned and authorized inspection of a neighborhood for the purpose of reducing blight, or from a proactive inspection of a site due to an observed hazardous condition. A case is closed (indicated by a "C" status) when the site satisfies the requirements for Code compliance, or when no Code violation is found. A case remains open (indicated by an "O" status) until the site satisfies the requirements for Code compliance.(

##Exploration An exploration of the case data with data from the LA County Assessor identifying industrial properties with inquiries to:

  • Identify repeat cases on an individual property
  • Directly load case information from Building and Safety
  • Quality issues with the data


Obtaining and cleaning of data

Case Type Description Include
BILLBOARDS Off-Site Advertisement No
CITATIONS Citations Yes
CNAP Contract Nuisance Abatement, Abandoned Building Task Force, and Problem Property Resolution Team Yes
FRP Forclosure Registry Program No
GENERAL General Yes
PACE Pro-Active Code Enforcement Yes
SIGNS On-Site Advertising No
VEIP Vehicle Establishment Inspection Program No
XXX Adult Entertainment No
  • Data was filtered and saved to this LINK
  • Data was furthered filtered by removing attributes not needed for this exploration
  • LADBS Inspection District, GIS Parcel Identification Number, Area Planning Commission
  • Converting to geojson file for GIS software (QGIS, ESRI)
  • The Latitude/Longitude attribute was split into two columns, lat and long, for CSV load to GIS Software
  • A new year column was created based on Date Case Generated attribute, for visualization
  • ladbs_code_enforcement.geojson generated | Can be found in this repo

Mapping data

  • An interactive map was made using Mapbox software and base layers to load the ladbs_code_enforcement.geojson file
  • Map was color coded by the year a case was reported (2010-2016)
  • 2015 data from the LA County Assessor was added to identify industrial uses in the city.
  • Webpage for map was split into two panes for map on left and a iframe to load the LADBS Permit and Inspection Report
  • The Case Number attribute is pulled when a user clicks on a marker for JQuery to load ladbs report on that case number.


Data Inquiries and Comments from Exploration

  • The data seems to have the bulk of the cases in 2016 and decreases dramatically to 2002
Year Count
2002 2
2003 1
2005 2
2008 3
2009 4
2010 5
2011 407
2012 558
2013 764
2014 1157
2015 2129
2016 4974
  • The data has the attribute Status of Case which all cases are indicated as O - Open, there are 108 cases indicated as closed with the Count of Date Case Closed
  • Using the map to load up the ladbs case report, many cases (manual inspection of 20 cases) dating back 2 or more years indicate of them being Under Investigation
  • Case Types with the PACE value have are little on details from LADBS other than Inspector name and phone number. No description is provided.
  • It would be worthwhile to perform a scraping of LADBS case report site to find substandard orders which may involve (or request it to be added to this dataset):
  • Construction Work without required permits
  • Illegal Occupancy

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