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sectionla is a collection of maps and data visualizations exploring Southern California, one section at a time.

The analysis, maps and code behind the explorations contribute to the services I offer as a consultant developing analog and digital tools and visualizations for Civic Engagement, Planning, Land Use Development and Public Policy. Think you could use my services?

Contact me Omar Ureta | Twitter | Email : omaru[at] | Website | linkedin

City of Los Angeles

  • Exploration 1 | Identifying R1 and C2 Zoning with Metro ROW and Soft Story Data | Map | Code
  • Exploration 2 | Overlay of 1941 Single Family Residence Zoning Map with 2016 Single Family Residential Zoning Data | Map | Code
  • Exploration 3 | Identifying Single Family Properties with it's property tax base year. This looks at the rules set forth by Proposition 13 | Data and Code
  • Exploration 4 | Map displaying Entitlements Applications for Development from 2013-2015 with direct links to LA City Planning | Map | Code
  • Exploration 5 | Map showing LA City Zoning with options to filter data | Map | Code | Data
  • Exploration 6 | Map identifying properties owned by the City of Los Angeles and it's departments | Map | Code
  • Exploration 9 | Comparing LACITY Open Data with Official Reports | Analysis
  • Exploration 12 | Map showing Issued Building Permits from 2013-16 and load LADBS permit report | Map | Code
  • Exploration 14 | Map showing LADBS Code Enforcement Cases in Industial areas, load LADBS report | Map | Code


  • Boyle Heights 1 | Real-time Building Permit Applications map showing new construction with direct links to Los Angeles Building and Safety | Map | Code

Santa Monica

  • SAMO Exploration 1 | Map visualizing buildint heights in the City of Santa Monica over 32 feet | Map | Code

LA County

  • builtLA | Map showing the age of the buildings by decade across LA County | Map | Code | Version 2 Map Draft
  • Redlining | Map overlay of Homeowner's Loan Corporation Residential Security Map of Los Angeles with the Racial Dot Map published by the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service| Map | Code
  • Exploration 1 | Stacked Parcels | Map identifying stacked parcels (like condos) in Los Angeles County | Map | Code
  • Exploration 2 | Housing for you, Housing for Us | Map showing generalized land uses, particularly Single Family Residences and Multifamily Residences | Map | [Code] (
  • Exploration 5 | Housing Units Across LA | Map showing housing units across LA County | Map | Code will be added soon
  • Exploration 10 | Drains to Ocean | Map showing storm drains by size | Map


  • Github | Version control platform for developing projects, great for collaboration with or without knowledge in coding.
  • OSM2VectorTiles | Download mbtiles of cities, countries or the world and run your own server
  • QGIS | Free and Open Source Geographic Information System
  • OpenStreetMap | Community Driven Map, contributing the knowledge of the physical and natural worlds on a map
  • Mapbox Studio | Online design tool that makes styled custom maps for web applications
  • leaflet.js | An open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps
  • tilehut.js | Open-source raster and vector tile server
  • Tippecanoe | Build vector tilesets from large collections of GeoJSON features
  • VirtualBox | Build Virtual Machines, like running Linux on Windows host
  • ESRI Mapserver Scraper | Scrapes an ESRI MapServer REST endpoint to spit out more generally-usable geodata.
  • OpenDataKit | Open Data Kit (ODK) is a free and open-source set tools which help organizations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions.
  • OpenMapKit Extension of Open Data Kit, for field collection to OSM
  • Tabula | Java Library for extracting tables from PDF files

LA Related Data

METRO Bus Stop Data

This data was found on the public records request service offered by Metro. The best feature is being able to download documents (like data!) from requests filed by someone else.

Research Docs

LA City Related Links on Process, Organizational Structure