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C# .NET client libraries for the CityIndex TradingAPI
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CIAPI.CS CompleteSupported

A complete .NET client library for connecting to the CityIndex Trading API.

Includes builds for:

  • .NET 4
  • .NET 3.5
  • Silverlight
  • Windows Phone 7

and is distributed via NuGet.


Covers the complete API, and is actively being developed and supported


//Setup a connection to the rpc endpoint
var rpcClient = new Client(new Uri("https://{REST api url}"));
//Create a session
rpcClient.LogIn("{username}", "{password});
//Retrieve some data
var priceBars = rpcClient.PriceHistory.GetPriceBars({marketId}, "MINUTE", 10, "10");

//Setup a connection to the streaming endpoint
var streamingClient = StreamingClientFactory
      .CreateStreamingClient(new Uri("https://{streaming api url}"), "{username}", rpcClient.Session);
//Subscribe to a stream
var priceListener = streamingClient.BuildPricesListener({marketId});
priceListener.MessageReceived += (s, message) => { Console.Write(message.Data.ToString()) };

//When done, disconnect and clean up

See the Integration tests for further examples

Copyright and license

This library is opensource and licensed under the Apache v2 license

Note that in order to connect to the CityIndex Trading API you must be a CityIndex client and abide by the CityIndex terms and conditions related to usage of your account.

Getting started

Compiled versions of CIAPI.CS are distributed via You must be running NuGet v1.6+.

To install the latest stable version, search for CIAPI.CS in the NuGet VS2010 GUI, or run:

Install-Package CIAPI.CS

From the NuGet Console in VS2010.

You can also install a pre-release "bleedingedge" version:

Install-Package CIAPI.CS

Versioning numbers follow the SemVer standard.

See the Integration tests for examples on how to use the library.


Refer to the for an overview of the available API methods and what each of them do.

If you get stuck, search for help.
If you are still stuck, post a new FAQ question; tagging it ciapi.cs.

Use the GitHub issue tracker to report bugs and make feature requests.

NB! Bugs reported without attached test cases (preferably as unit tests) will not be investigated

We welcome patches - please fork the project & submit a pull request.

Building from source

  • Clone this repo
  • Refer to DEV_SETUP.txt for pre-reqs
  • Open src/{desired platform}.sln in VS2010
  • Run build.cmd to compile, run all tests and package
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