A practitioners' guide to best practices for continuous integration / feedback for a HTML5 / Javascript WebApp
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Continuous Feedback for HTML5/Javascript WebApps

a practitioners' guide

Modern browsers allow us to build large and complex "single page" WebApps. This is a Good ThingTM

However, as your project grows in size, complexity and contributors; it becomes harder and harder to release new features quickly, easily, and without the nagging fear that you might have broken something.

This guide attempts to distill the best practices that help you manage that complexity; make large WebApps fun and easy to work on, and most importantly, ensure you can continue to go home early 6 months after starting the project!

The core secret is getting feedback about the change you just made as close as possible to the time you made the change - continuously if possible. This guide is about the techniques, tools and habits that make that possible.

Obviously there is no single "correct" way or set of practices to adopt; just like there is no "correct" framework. Rather, you need to pick and choose a collection that work for your environment.

The TodoMVC project does an excellent job of giving you comparable examples of Javascript frameworks.

This guide seeks to do the same, but for engineering practices that get you closer to the nirvana that is "Continous Feedback"

So, Welcome! We hope you find some new ideas here that help make your WebApp more fun!

Getting started

Read the following theory to get some context:

  1. Components of a complete build process
  2. Tour of complete system in action - releasing a new feature

Now browse through the starter kits to see a collection of tools and techniques working together

  1. AngularJS + Yeoman.IO + Jenkins + BrowserStack
  2. AngularJS + Yeoman.IO + Travis CI + BrowserStack + CloudFoundry

Getting involved

This project welcomes contribution and discussion around what constitutes best practice.
If you have something to add, or a better way of doing one of the steps, submitting a pull request is the way to grab the project maintainers' attention.

Browse through our issue list to get an idea what's coming up the Roadmap.

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This guide and associated materials are opensource and licensed to you under the Apache v2 license