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CityJSON Reader Plugin for ParaView

A plugin that allows you to read CityJSON files directly into ParaView for modeling.


How to use

  1. Download the latest binary here (Linux only at the moment)
  2. Open up ParaView
  3. Go to Tools->Manage Plugins...->Load New ...
  4. Choose the downloaded CityJSONReader plugin
  5. Load whatever CityJSON file you want

How to compile

  1. Get a copy of ParaView
  2. Build ParaView (see their instructions if necessary)
  3. Get a copy of this repo
  4. Build this:
    1. Go to the folder you have the source to this plugin
    2. mkdir build
    3. cmake .. -DParaView_DIR=<PATH TO BUILT PARAVIEW>
    4. cmake --build ..
    5. make
  5. You can find your built plugin in lib\plugins\CityJSONReader as .dll for Windows .so for Mac/Linux