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Compression factor for a few open CityGML datasets

Hugo Ledoux edited this page Jun 14, 2019 · 21 revisions

Compression v1.0

file CityGML size (original) CityGML size (w/o spaces) [1] textures CityJSON [2] compression [3]
CityGML demo "GeoRes" 4.3MB 4.1MB yes 524KB 8.0
CityGML v2 demo "Railway" 45MB 34MB yes 4.3MB 8.1
Den Haag "tile 01" 23MB 18MB no, material 2.9MB 6.2
Montréal VM05 56MB 42MB yes 5.4MB 7.8
New York LoD2 (DA13) 590MB 574MB no 105MB 5.5
Rotterdam Delfshaven 16MB 15MB yes 2.6MB 5.8
Vienna (the demo file) 37MB 36MB no 5.3MB 6.8
Zürich LoD2 3.03GB 2.07GB no 292MB 7.1

Observe that the file size doesn't take into account the size of the textures files (PNG, JPG, etc) since CityJSON refers to the same ones.

  1. CityGML files have all the carriage returns, tabs and spaces removed with this script, for a fair estimation of the compression factor
  2. CityJSON do not contain CR or spaces or any formatting, but have coordinates represent as double/float
  3. compression = CityGML size (w/o spaces) / CityJSON