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Austin Transportation Data and Performance Hub

This repository houses the City of Austin Transportation Department's Data and Performance Hub, a public website which tracks the department's operational performance and curates access to key datasets.

This site is hosted at and uses Jekyll, Webpack and Netlify to create static pages.

Much of the content on the site is generated in-browser using D3js, jQuery, and React to visualize data from the City of Austin Open Data Portal.

Quick Start

  1. Install Git and Jekyll.

    • You may need to install Bundler v2. Do that with the command gem install bundler then bundle install to update your gems. Go here for more info.
  2. cd to the directory where you want to check-out the site, and clone it (git clone

  3. cd to the directory that contains the cloned repository, and run jekyll serve to start the webserver

  4. Navigate to http://localhost:4000 in your browser to view the site hosted-locally

Optional Advanced Javascript

If you will be working on any data dashboards that utilize Javascript ES6+ and/or React.js, we have a build setup for transpiling modern JS into a cross-compatible bundle.

  1. run npm install to download and install javascript dependencies from package.json

  2. run webpack --watch. As files are modified, a new bundle will be automatically generated.

  3. (optional) Inspect webpack.config.js and create a new entry to start a new bundle.


  1. run jekyll serve --watch in one Terminal
  2. run webpack --watch in a separate Terminal

Webpack will watch for changes to your source javascript/react files and output a new bundle. Jekyll will watch for new bundles and regenerate all the static assets.



  • URL:

  • GitHub Branch: master

  • Deployment: Commit changes to branch test and submit a pull request to merge to master


Public contributions are welcome! Assign pull requests to @johnclary.


As a work of the City of Austin, this project is in the public domain within the United States.

Additionally, we waive copyright and related rights of the work worldwide through the CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication.