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Austin Transportation

Mobility Project Database, aka Moped 🛵


How might we support comprehensive tracking of Austin’s mobility activities?

Austin Transportation Department has a diverse portfolio of mobility activities. These are currently tracked in various platforms — from simple spreadsheets administered by a single workgroup to bespoke enterprise software that tracks all capitally-funded projects. As a result, there is no centralized system of record, analysis and reporting capabilities are limited, and resources are not used efficiently.

Furthermore, Austin Transportation frequently executes our mobility projects alongside other City of Austin departments, particularly Public Works, and regional partners including CapMetro and TXDOT. Using a single platform to track all of these projects would increase organizational alignment, enable holistic analysis and reporting, and lay the groundwork for robust business intelligence and data integrations.

For resources and updates, see the Mobility Project Database project index.


Austin Transportation's Data & Technology Services team uses this repository to manage the MPD project.