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A bot that creates github issues from Knack form submissions
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A bot that creates github issues from 3rd-party form submissions

Get It Going

Right now, the bot only knows how to migrate service requests on an ad-hoc basis. To do so:

  1. Visit the DTS portal and set the Github Migration Status of your SR(s) as Migrate to Github.

  2. Ready your Python environment:

  • Use Python 3.6+

  • Install the packages specified in requirements.txt with

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Create a file named following the template in /config/

  2. Migrate the service requests to Github:

$ python

This script will copy the service requests from the DTS portal as Github issues. The script will attempt to find an appropriate repository based on the Application information in the DTS portal. If no repo is found, issues will be created in the atd-data-tech repo. Labels will also be applied according to workgroup and service group. See /config/ for the complete field mapping.

The script will also update each DTS portal issue with a URL to the Github issue, and it will update the DTS issue with Github Migration Result as successful.

  1. Migrate the service request notes to Github:
$ python

Each SR note will be added to as a comment to the corresponding Github issue as comments.

  1. These scripts are idempotent; you can run then over and over again and any issue or comment that was successfully migrated will be ignored.
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