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Welcome to the Austin Transportation Department Dev Assessment

Goals & Instructions

Goals for this exercise

  • Show off your skills, creativity, style, and asynchronous collaboration abilities.
  • Get a taste of the actual technologies we are using.
  • Learn something new and be ready to teach us about it.
  • Have fun. Coding should be fun.

How your submission will be evaluated

  • You will be evaluated based on how well you implement an interactive solution that displays data about shared micromobility usage in Austin using data visualization and web development best practices.
  • You will be evaluated on whether you implement all the requirements listed in the user story in the challenge file.
  • You will be evaluated on how neatly your code is organized and how well you document or make comments to provide more context for implementation decisions you make.

How to submit the completed assessment:

  • Create a Github account (if you don’t already have an account already)
  • Download or “clone” the dev challenge project code to your own local environment.
  • DO NOT “fork” the repository. This ensures your assessment will remain private.
  • Once complete, upload your project to a new private repository under your Github account.
  • Email a link to your project to Austin Transportation Human Resources. The link should look something like: “”.
  • If you have any questions about these steps, you may contact us for clarification. Our HR staff has provided you our contact info via email.

A note on time.

We don't want to waste your time so please don't work more 2 or 3 hours on this at most.

Assessment Details

You must work on this alone. Do not share the code challenge with others.

Your task is to create a webpage that displays information about shared micromobility vehicle trips in Austin using data from Open Data Portal.

The shared micromobility dataset and metadata are available here.

The webpage you develop should show statistics on micromobility usage and should be mobile responsive. It should display:

On your webpage, show statistics on micromobility usage for a given date range (ex: SXSW Festival, March 8-17, 2019)

  • Total # of trips
  • Total # of miles traveled
  • Total # of unique vehicle IDs vehicles used

Here's an example user story that may help guide what you develop:

As a division manager for parking enforcement, I would like to be able review stats on micromobility usage for the week of Austin's SXSW Festival (March 8-17, 2019).

In my role, I would like this feature so that I can share ad-hoc reporting metrics with department executives and Council staff.

How does this work?

You have two paths to choose from. On our team, we've been using React and component based front end architecture. If you are comfortable with this paradigm, we encourage you to give the React exercise a try.

If you haven't used React yet, no worries. We also have an alternative setup that is agnostic. No previous experience with any modern frameworks is required. We are looking for someone who can learn, adapt, and teach on the fly and project to project.



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