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automation for DataCite DOI citation integration with Socrata
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DOI Automation

Datacite ( is a non profit organization which provides an easy way to register, cite, and access datasets online. The City of Austin would like to use this organization's tools to garner insight into the usage of our open data as well as give the public a simple and effective way to cite our open data for any use.

To see some examples of our citations see:

This project's goal is to explore and implement an integration between DataCite's citation repository and the city's Socrata Open Data portal ( This will be done by developing automation to synchronize datacite's DOI repository with the City of Austin's socrata portal assets and metadata using the two organization's APIs and a python backend.

Socrata Discovery API:

DataCite REST API:

Getting Started:

Install python 3.6

Python dependencies


pip install requests


pip install pandas

Clone this repository

git clone

Run with Docker

docker build --tag=doi-automation .
docker run --rm -it --name doi-automation doi-automation
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