Large file uploader for the Form Service API
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This is a large file uploader for the Form Service API, for considerations on how it works you can look at the architecture section. For a demonstration you can visit the links below.

Front-end is written in react:

Where the case number has to follow that format: [3 digit uppercase alphanumeric]-[3 digit numeric]-[4 digit numeric]

At the moment you can write any code you want without any restrictions; however, the backend is coded to be strict to be strict in the case number format.


  1. The app will request an authorization (signature) token from the API.
  2. The API will request and generate the token from S3, and return it to the front-end. The API will have a preset file name it will expect.
  3. The the file name is sent back to the front end, along with the required authorization tokens.
  4. The front end will compile a request, add the tokens in the headers and upload the file to s3.


The app has been tested uploading a 1gb file on Wifi, it took about 15-20 minutes:


On a mac, you can create a large dummy file using the following command:

mkfile -n 1g ~/Desktop/testfile.mp4

The file will be empty, however you can adjust multiple file sizes: 2-3gb, etc.

Running the app

You can run the app using yarn start or npm start.