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Joplin... again (starting fresh to help debug)
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Joplin... again (starting fresh to help debug)

Why does this exist?

Joplin has moved far enough away from base wagtail that it's getting hard to figure out where issues are coming from.

What's here?

So far I've run the default wagtail init within pipenv, meaning:

pipenv install wagtail
pipenv run wagtail start joplin
cd joplin
pipenv install -r requirements.txt
pipenv run python migrate 
pipenv run python createsuperuser
pipenv run python runserver

After that, I updated the models to include ServicePage, then ran migrations:

pipenv run python makemigrations
pipenv run python migrate

What's next?

Trying to add in the models from joplin and see if we can figure out any problems.

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