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A place for developing documents for Austin's open data initiative
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City of Austin Open Data Manual

about this repo

This repo is the central collaboration hub for managing the City of Austin's Open Data Manual. It hosts the content of the Open Data Manual, tracks to-do list items, and explains how the manual works.

To keep the manual updated and accessible, we do the following:

  1. Write and update the information in the manual
  2. Perform technical work to keep the manual website functioning
  3. Teach people how to help us do these two things

current projects include (get involved!)

how to edit the manual

recommend changes to the manual

Anyone can do this. Currently, there are two ways to recommend changes:

  1. Submit a suggestion to our issue queue by clicking here.
  2. By submitting a pull request which contains the suggested changes. For a description of what it means to deliver a pull request using GitHub, click here.

how to make quick edits

coming soon

how to make major changes

coming soon

for developers

The Open Data Manual documentation is written in reStructured text markup and converted to HTML by a documentation generator called Sphinx.

The HTML generated by Sphinx is served by watches the master branch of this repo. When changes are detected, will re-build the open data manual using Sphinx and publish the updated site to

More details and step by step instructions for forking this repo and developing locally using Sphinx will be added to the wiki, hopefully sooner rather than later.