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This is a project of the Service Design Lab, part of the Office of Design & Delivery at CTM

<we'll flesh this out later once it's more legit>

  • We have a list of resources, stored on the city's Socrata data portal. This gets us a nice API to work with, but the interface Socrata provides to view and update data is very data centric and not persona centric.


Primary targeted persona at the moment is a caseworker who is relativley new.

Intial spike/proof of Concept:

  • Data is in Socrta

Three pages/views:

(TODO: flesh these out into Github issues as user stories)

  • List
    • As a caseworker, I want to see an up to date list of all available resources so I can find what my client needs and share that information. Get the data into the site as a data template
  • Detail
    • As a caseworker, I want to be get details on a specific resources so that I can help them get the specifics of the resource Get the data into the site as a data template, provide different info an alternate layout
  • Update
    • As a caseworker, I want to be able to easily update information on a resource or add a new resource so that this information stays up to date for myself and everyone Embed socrata form, eventually with validation
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