Source code for our School of Data 2019 workshop
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School of Data 2019.ipynb

School of Data LA 2019

Source code for Austin Transportation's School of Data LA 2019 workshop.

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Here's the link to our Google Slides for this workshop.


We'll be using data from our Traffic Signal Request program.

Part 1: Backend — Python ETL

  1. Click here to load the notebook This will take a few minutes.

  2. Once the notebook dashboard loads, click on the link for School of Data 2019.ipynb

Notebook Link

Part 2: Frontend — Javascript Dataviz

cd frontend

# to see a list of all our steps along the way:
git tag
  1. Getting Started with Create React App

    • git checkout step1
    • npx create-react-app frontend
    • cd frontend
    • npm start
    • A development server should start up and open http://localhost:3000/ in your default browser.
  2. Get data from the server (Socrata API or PostgREST endpoint)

    • git checkout step2
    • npm intall axios --save
    • Write a function, "getDataFromEndpoint"
      • get signal request data from Socrata
    • Call that function inside the componentWillMount() lifecycle method.
    • console.log() the data or print it to page with JSON.stringify(
  3. Put the data into a sortable/searchable table

    • git checkout step3
    • npm install material-table --save to install Material Table
    • add @import url(""); to App.css file for table Icons
    • define column headers in columns array of objects
    • pass columns and data into <MaterialTable/> component
  4. Add a map

    • git checkout step4.1
    • npm install react-leaflet leaflet bootstrap --save to install React-Leaflet, Leaflet & Bootstrap
    • use Bootstrap grid to put Table and Map sections side by side
    • git checkout step4.2
    • add Map component with Markers
    • add Leaflet L.Icon.Default overrides
    • git checkout step4.3
    • add some styling to map markers
  5. deploy to gh-pages

    • git checkout step5
    • npm install gh-pages --save-dev
    • update package.json
    • To create a static build: npm run predeploy
    • To publich a static build: npm run deploy