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#L&I Property History App


The L&I Property History app is a mobile web application that let's users view the license and inspection history for a specific property in the City of Philadelphia. The application is built using the jQuery Mobile JavaScript framework and runs as a "widget" inside the City of Philadelphia's 311 Mobile Application.

To use the application, download the Philly 311 app from the app marketplace for your mobile device.

##Help Improve This App

If you wish to contribute to the L&I Property History app, or suggest a bug fix, you may submit a pull request as follows:

  1. Fork this repo.
  2. Create a new branch from HEAD.
  3. Implement the new feature or bug fix in your branch.
  4. Submit a pull request for the new feature or bug fix. Label your pull request accordingly (i.e., "Enhancement" or "Bug Fix").

Note - all pull requests will be evaluated to ensure that they work as expected and are consistent with the overall purpose of the app (which is to make property history data accessible to Philadelphians) before merging. Submission of a pull request does not guarantee it will be merged into the master branch.