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DEPRECATED. Please see cityofsandiego/seaboard
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** Please not that this project has been deprecated in favor of Seaboard** screenshot



Clone or fork this repository and ensure the following tools are available:

  • Node.js (>0.10.0)
  • Ruby (> 1.9) for Jekyll
  • Bundler to track and install specific Ruby gems
  • Gulp for automated builds and project compiling

Install prerequisites

From within the project folder, install the prerequisites by running the following commands:

npm install
bower install
bundle install


Please see the Contributing document for details on how you can get involved in development or submitting constructive feedback.

Development and deployment

Make changes only in the src/ folder.


The default task, this will automatically compile and open the site in your browser. A watch task runs in the background and detects when any files change, recompiles them if necessary and updates your browser with BrowserSync. The default dev URL is http://localhost:3000. You can use an alternative port number by adjusting the process.env.PORT value in the gulpfile.

gulp build

Almost the same as the default gulp task, but this won't start up a preview/LiveReload server and open the browser, it will only build your site.

gulp publish

This will first run gulp build to make sure the changes you've made to your site are included and then optimize all your assets (images, HTML, CSS, JS++). If you want to display your optimized site to make sure everything is working run gulp serve:prod to see the changes.

gulp deploy

This will either upload your site to Amazon S3, Rsync your files to your server or push them to GitHub Pages.

Individual tasks

A lot of the tasks are built up of smaller tasks that can be run individually. For example, the gulp publish task first runs gulp build (that also runs jekyll:prod, styles and images) and clean:prod and then runs the html and copy commands (html to optimize your site and copy to copy over some files that html misses). If you want to you can run any of these tasks without invoking their "parent" task. If you only wanted to optimize your assets and such, run gulp html and it won't run any of the tasks used with gulp publish.

For all the different tasks that can be run, see the gulpfile and look through the code. Everything is commented and you can edit, change or remove what you want/need.

Thank You’s

This is heavily based on and was generated with Generator Jekyllized. There's also plenty of open source software running behind this project.

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