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CityRPG 4

CityRPG 4 is a mod for the game Blockland that simulates life in a city. Each city is built, run, and populated by the players.


  1. CityRPG CityRPG Public

    A sandbox-simulation styled mod for the game Blockland that simulates the life of a blocky city. Live, build, and thrive in a city made of blocks.

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  2. Blockland-Waypoints Blockland-Waypoints Public

    A revamped version of the Compass and Waypoints System add-on for Blockland.

  3. Blockland-CityRPG-NPCMod Blockland-CityRPG-NPCMod Public

    A port of Dglider's NPC mod to newer versions of CityRPG 4

  4. Blockland-EventUtils Blockland-EventUtils Public



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