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An expansion mod for the CityRPG game-mode for Blockland. Compatible with most variants of CityRPG.
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CityRPG Plus is a standalone expansion for the CityRPG game-mode. This project is currently in an early planning/development phase.

CityRPG Plus is designed to be compatible with any standard variant of CityRPG. It is built around Ty's CityRPG in conjunction with CityRPG X. See below to find out exactly which versions of CityRPG it has been tested with.


For bugs, feature requests, and feedback, contact me on Discord or e-mail


CityRPG Plus is designed to be comatible with most standard variants of CityRPG. It has been tested with the following variants:

File Name Compatibility CRC Latest v. Tested Commit Tested Other Notes 1504460900 N/A N/A 467599692 N/A N/A Beware, Ty's mod contains known exploits. Make sure you're using the fixed version (check description.txt to verify) -2145891094 N/A N/A N/A 5d9df45


  • "Hunger affects scale" - Whether players will be resized to look thinner or fatter based on their hunger level. (Default: Off)

Testing Criteria

This is the criteria required for the add-on to be considered fully compatible with a given version of CityRPG:

  • Work in progress.
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