A demo of using the CityVerve API with Hypercat
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This is a demonstration of using the Hypercat catalogue within the CityVerve API.

Click here to learn more about CityVerve.

Click here to go to the CityVerve Developer Portal.

Click here to see a showcase of working CityVerve apps (including this demo).

Click here to read the official HyperCat specification (BSI:PAS:212)


In order to get this demo working for yourself, you simply need to clone the repo and host the files within your web-server of choice.

Before it will work, however, you need to make one modification. At the top of the JavaScript file, you will find the following line of code:

const API_KEY = 'YOUR-KEY-HERE';  // cityverve api key

You need to replace the string YOUR-KEY-HERE with your own personal CityVerve API key. You can get a key (for free) at our Developer Portal. Just follow the steps in our Getting Started guide.

Have fun, and please do share any cool apps that you make with the CityVerve API.