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Ciudadanía Inteligente

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  1. Votainteligente es el portal electoral de la Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente, tú propones y los candidatos se comprometen.

    Python 42 35

  2. write-it Public

    App to create and send messages to public persons. It's a component of POPLUS project.

    Python 37 22

  3. bill-it Public

    Document management system. Based on bill tracking needs. Simple model for stages, priorities, authors, content (abstract, tags), releated docs, and full text search in the all docs and related doc…

    Ruby 19 10

  4. Django application for candidates comparison.

    JavaScript 17 7

  5. Participation channel to bring information to the citizen of what happens in our Congress. Built using component of POPLUS project.

    Ruby 12 8

  6. check-it Public

    App to keep track of promises

    CSS 12 3


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