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Django application for candidates comparison.
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Build Status Coverage Status is a simple application that aims to provide comparable information about the positions of candidates to any election.

The living application can be found at


If you are using ubuntu 12.04 you can follow this guide.

Instalation instructions

Step 1:

Create a python virtualenvironment

mkvirtualenv candideit

Step 2:

Clone the project from our repo

git clone candidator

Enter the directory

cd candidator

If you are going to be developing candideit you should move to the dev branch

git checkout dev

Step 3:

Install dependencies.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Step 4:

Run tests

python manage test elections

It runs all tests in the elections application

Step 5:

Sync database

python manage syncdb

We are using sqlite3 to store all the data but if you would like to use another database you are free to do so, and it can be changed in ''.

Step 6:

Run the application

python manage runserver

Instalation troubleshooting

6 failing tests

It is due to PIL not installed with JPEG support you can follow this guide.


  • To run all tests

    python manage test elections
  • To check code coverage

    python test_coverage elections

Translation and internationalization

Getting started

If you run python runserver and open you should see the Spanish version in your browser.

Create a file, and edit settings as appropriate:


Creating a new translation

The following commands assume your locale code is en. Replace it as appropriate with the ISO 639-1 code for your locale. The locale code you choose below must match the LANGUAGE_CODE in


First, create or update the django.po file for your locale: makemessages -l en

You will find the file in locale/en/LC_MESSAGES. You can now edit the .po file by hand or with a variety of editors.


You may prefer to use Transifex to translate the .po file:

  • Go to Candideit's Transifex page
  • Click "Add new translation"
  • Select your language and click "Translate online"

Once your translations are done, notify a Candideit maintainer, and they can pull your translations into the project.

Important reminders

  • Keep the same case: translate "NOMBRE DE LA ELECCIÓN:" as "ELECTION NAME:" not "Election name:"
  • Keep all punctuation: translate "NOMBRE DE LA ELECCIÓN:" as "ELECTION NAME:" not "ELECTION NAME"

Using your translations

To use your translation, you need to compile the .po file to a .mo file:

python compilemessages
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