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This repository and website are the single source of truth for work on digital accessibility at CivicActions. This work is being done in the open because it is a best practice.

Working in the open allows us to

  • keep up with the work of other accessibility experts and engage with them;
  • share best practices we want to see widely adopted;
  • bring in other areas of our work that touch on accessibility;
  • embrace the journey of accessibility - being more accessible today than we were yesterday.

Another CivicActions site

This is not a duplication of content on hour homesite or our CivicActions Handbook Accessibility Section. Accessibility touches all aspects of an inclusive organization, so eventually we will have content about inclusion in our Distributed Government site.

This site is not a duplication, but an intentional and practical extension. As an example, all CivicActions employees are expected to be familiar with the material in the handbook, but not everyone needs to implement accessibility in their job.

Our Mission

Diversity equity and inclusion are key to any effective team, and CivicActions is no exception. Accessibility is a key part of this, as over 26% of Americans identify as having a disability. Our team is excited about finding new ways to build better products, and this includes removing barriers for people with disabilities.

CivicActions is an impact driven business that sees digital accessibility as something where we can make a positive difference. By working in the open with open source tools, we can not only improve our own work, but help shape how our industry grapples with this challenging issue. By working with governments and non-profit clients, we can ensure that our projects continue to improve over time.


Most of our content is broken down into the Playbook and Guide. You can find out how to get involved or contact us through the site as well. You'll find updates of our projects in our News section and can find out who we are under People.

The meat and bones though is done through GitHub. Because we want to work in the public, you will be able to see some granular detail about our progress by looking at the issue queue. You may be checking out projects we're working on "behind the scenes" by looking at the code. That's great!


We want your input. We need your help to make this resource better. Please visit the documentation page for how to contribute.

Related projects


If you want to replicate this site, you are free to do so. It is a Jekyll site sitting on GitHub Pages. There are lots of resources that can help you learn how to fork this project and build on it.



CivicActions Slack: #accessibility


At CivicActions we believe that releasing good work today helps us all produce great work tomorrow. By regularly shipping the work and making it open we can help build a vibrant, inclusive ecosystem. To help build community around these ideas, we have released this repository under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License.