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Civic Data Alliance

All the Data for We the People.


  1. cda-wiki Public

    This is a living, growing document that will help you navigate all of our documentation on topics like membership, branding guidelines, project workflow recommendations, and more.

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  2. CDA Governance Docs

  3. This is a community-driven civic tech project to help make our communities more accessible, inclusive and equitable by adding Points of Interest to OpenStreetMap via the web interface,, etc.


  4. Forked from Data4Democracy/ethics-resources

    Data for Democracy’s Global Data Ethics Pledge is a global initiative aimed at creating the industry’s most widely adopted framework and community for ethics in data science, in which Civic Data Al…

  5. smoketown Public

    Smoketown Neighborhood site

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  6. Forked from CodeLouisville/Student-Resources

    Helpful resources to learn how to develop websites


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