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OSM Import of Louisville, KY address and building data.

These scripts pre-process shapefile data from and put it into a format suitable to be imported into OpenStreetMap.

To use, run:


And if everything works you should get output in the osm/ directory.


You don't need to be able to run this to participate in the import. This is available for those who are curious or would like to improve the process.


Updates to the addresses file on January 2015 removed the ADDR_TYPE field from the shapefile. This causes to fail, and we depend on ADDR_TYPE to solve cases where two address points are in the exact same location.


You will need at least a few GB of RAM for this to work well. We also attempt to do work in parallel, so more CPU cores will be helpful.

Python modules needed include:

  • fiona
  • shapely

On Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) you should make sure the following packages are installed first:

  • curl
  • gdal-bin
  • libgdal-dev
  • python-dev
  • python-pip
  • python-shapely
  • libspatialindex-dev

Then you can build/install fiona with:

sudo pip install fiona


Based on dcbuildings and nycbuildings.

Adapted for New Orleans by Matt Toups. Adpated for Louisville, KY by Michael Schnuerle and Ate Poorthuis.

More info


Track the progress of this import at: