Exploring power and influence in the European Union by combining information from a variety of official EU data sources related to lobbying, expert groups, expenditure and procurement.
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The intent of this project is to create a simplified, searchable presentation of actors involved in EU politics and institutions and the relationships between them. In particular, the database will include:

  • Information from the register of interests (lobby register)
  • Personnel information from the register of EP accredditations
  • Expense information from the EC's financial transparency system
  • Potentially: contract awards made by EU institutions

As a secondary objective, the site's software will be built to be re-usable as a data graph storage.

See DESIGN for more information.


OpenInterests requires a working installation of monnet to be able to load the data extracted by those scrapers. Both packages need to be installed in the same namespace, and environment variables should be shared.

Installation and Usage

TODO: Dependencies aren't documented at this stage.

For usage information, please check the Makefile - it holds commands to perform most of the tasks currently supported by this repository.

Get involved

OpenInterests is an open source project, developed without commercial intent or funding. If you want to help, we'd love to see your pull requests.

An important aspect of the project is the underlying data. While it is presented in one way on the site, many other interpretations are possible. If you want to play with the data, please check out the data store for dumps and partial excerpts in machine-readable form.